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ISSN 1005-1473 
Organizer: zhong guo ti yu za zhi she  
Publisher: che wang za zhi she  
Description: "King of Cars" was launched in 1994, is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the China Sports Press Head Office (China Sports Publishing Group) and Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Kyushu Spirit (China Prosperity Culture Media Co., Ltd.) Cooperation publication and distribution of a high-grade (premium) Monthly consumption of automotive professionals (monthly). "King of Cars" report object to the high-end cars and high-performance cars based. Fourteen years, the "King of Cars" witnessed the development process of China's automobile industry. The face of momentary changing market, while we use their heavy accumulation, on the one hand the use of professional data copyright authority partners, a unique perspective (.. with a unique angle of view), timely delivery of the global automotive information; adhere to the professional attitude and experience the feelings of the actual needs from the consumer test topics of planning to carry out the test report; and passed to the reader through a variety of high-grade part of the car culture and consumption concept car for the readers to provide more direct and objective guidance services .  (Translated by machine.)