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Forestry Science and Technology

ISSN 1671-492X 
Organizer: zhong guo lin ye ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: forestry science and technology bian ji bu  
Description:                 "China Forestry Science and Technology" (English version) (quarterly) is the English version of Chinese Academy of Forestry hosted journals. China Forestry Science and Technology journal full coverage of major academic research results and progress, while foreign scholars and newspaper described the latest developments in foreign academic forestry. Forest industry to promote literature and foreign exchange and sharing of information is the purpose of publication. Information includes: basic science forestry (soil, hydrology, botany, ecology), making Lin Yulin, agroforestry, urban forestry, logging, forest engineering, forest protection, forest management and managers, wood science, forest products processing and utilization of forestry policies, forest economics and management. The journal is a quarterly published by the end of each quarter. 16 color cover a large open international standard format.    (Translated by machine.)