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Acta Pharmacologica Sinica
1999 Issue 3
Securinine induced apoptosis in human leukemia HL 60 cells 1
DONG Ning Zheng; GU Zhen Lun 2 CHOU Wen Hsien; KWOK Chi Yi ( The Hong Hong Association for Health Care; Room 1008; Harbour Crystal Center; 100 Granville Road; Tsim
Dual effects of tetrandrine on calcium activated potassium channels in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells
WANG Zhong Feng 1; KAI Li 2; XIAO Xin Rong 3 ( Department of Physiology; 2Department of Pharmacology; Third Military Medical University; Chongqing 400038; 3Department of Respiration; First Hospital; West China University of Medical Sciences;
Inhibitory effects of melatonin on free intracellular calcium in mouse brain cells
ZHANG Qing Zhu; ZHANG Jun Tian 1
Effect of tetrahydropalmatine analogs on Fos expression induced by formalin pain 1
HU Jiang Yuan; JIN Guo Zhang 2
Effect of melatonin on production of hydroxyl radical and lactate dehydrogenase during hypoxia in rat cortical slices 1
LI Xue Jun; GU Jing; PAN Bai Shen 2; SUN Feng Yan 3 ( State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology; Department of Neurobiology; Shanghai Medical University; 2 Department of Clinical Biochemistry; Zhongshan Hospital; Shanghai 200032; China
Velvet antler polypeptides promoted proliferation of chondrocytes and osteoblast precursors and fracture healing
ZHOU Qiu Li 1; GUO Ying Jie; WANG Li Juan; WANG Ying; LIU Yong Qiang; WANG Yan; WANG Ben Xiang 2 ( Research Centre of New Drug; Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 1 Institute of Preclinical Sciences; Norman Bethune Univer
Relationship between adenosine induced vascular effects and ATP sensitive K + channels
HE Hua Mei; WANG Hai 2; XIAO Wen Bin
Syntheses and biological activities of chiral piperidines tachykinin NK3 antagonists
Michael H CHEN; Fu Zon CHUNG; Bruce D ROTH; Be Sheng KUO; James ATHERTON; Helen T LEE 1
Basic fibroblast growth factor enhanced LAK cell cytotoxicities against human bladder neoplasm cells 1
WANG Zhi Ping; DUAN Guo Lan; CHEN Yi Rong 2; QIN Da Shan; LIU Guo Dong; NIU Hong Guang
Inhibitory effects of nitric oxide and interleukin 10 on production of tumor necrosis factor α, interleukin 1β, and interleukin 6 in mouse alveolar macrophages
QIU Hai Bo 1; CHEN De Chang; PAN Jia Qi 2; LIU Da Wei; MA Sui ( Department of Critical Care Medicine; 2 Department of Hematological Medicine; Peking Union Medical College Hospital; Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Beijing 100730; China
Alpha momorcharin inhibits HIV 1 replication in acutely but not chronically infected T lymphocytes 1
ZHENG Yong Tang; BEN Kun Long 2 ; JIN Shan Wei
Effects of agmatine on tolerance to and substance dependence on morphine in mice
LI Jin 1; LI Xin; PEI Gang 2; QIN Bo Yi
Attenuation of scopolamine induced deficits in navigational memory performance in rats by bis(7) tacrine, a novel dimeric AChE inhibitor
WANG Hong; Paul R CARLIER 1; HO Wing Lok; LEE Nelson Tze Kin; PANG Yuan Ping 2; HAN Yi Fan 3 ( Department of Biochemistry and 1 Department of Chemistry; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Clear Water Bay; Hong Kong; China;
Population distributions of allele frequency of apolipoprotein E by age and gender in Han Chinese 1
ZHANG Jian Gang 2;4 ; DONG Xiu Zhen 3; YANG Wei Jun 2; LU Qing 2; HE Lin 2;4;5 ( 2 Section of Human Genome Project; Shanghai Research Center of Life Sciences; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shanghai 200031; 3Changning Dementia Hospita
Efflux transport of GABA across blood brain barrier after cerebral ischemia reperfusion in rats
ZHANG Yun; LIU Guo Qing 1; LIU Xiao Dong; XIAO Xiao Qiu