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China & World Economy

ISSN 1671-2234 
Organizer: zhong guo she hui ke xue yuan shi jie jing ji yu zheng zhi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong guo yu shi jie jing ji bian ji bu  
Description: ★ journal Overview: "China and the World Economy" (English version) is the only English publications a economics profession. It is by the Chinese Academy sponsored by the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Since it began, causing the reader's attention at home and abroad. The journal invited famous economists and government experts, writers, trying to comprehensively and objectively reflect China's reform and opening up the problems and achievements. ★ title change: "World Economy and China" (English version) (Original) "China and the World Economy" (English version) (now) ★ main forum sections: economic focus specifically on the WTO and China Economic Observer, contending the world economy reform Interview ★ overseas view window advertising: Advertising Tel :010 -65137744-5785 (Translated by machine.)