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ISSN 1561-0330 
Organizer: dong fang guo ji ke ji chuan mei you xian gong si  
Publisher: bian pin qi shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: "Drive the world" by the Chinese Association of Automation Expert Advisory Committee, the China Electrotechnical Society support, Oriental International Technology Media Co., Ltd. and Guangdong co-founder of the China Association of Automation the only one on the drive technology and market professional journals. Depth reporting and analysis of all the latest inverter technology development, dissemination of market information worldwide drive to promote and automation technologies to promote the deepening of China's development drive for the majority of manufacturers, distributors, design institutes and industry users authority at home and abroad to provide a new conversion technologies and product information, industry application cases, procurement guidelines, and business strategy, providing the user more options to help businesses expand their markets. "Drive the World" as a focus on the drive home and abroad the latest developments in technology and applications, industry market trends and the professional journals over the years with the simultaneous development of inverter technology and growth, has truly become the drive manufacturer, industry users, universities and scientific research departments in the garden exchange and learning, was accepted by the industry in domestic and international reputation. Simplified Chinese journals published in 12 issues per year. (Translated by machine.)