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Beijing Water Resources

ISSN 1008-3367 
Organizer: bei jing shui li xue hui bei jing shi shui li ke xue yan jiu suo bei jing shi shui li gui hua she ji yan jiu yuan bei jing shi shui wu ju dang xiao  
Publisher: bei jing shui li bian ji bu  
Description: Publication to serve and promote the development of Beijing water to support sustainable economic and social development of the capital for the purpose of implementing the "based in Beijing, the radiation, and vigorously promote the work of the party and the country's water policies, laws and regulations" approach; to promote the Beijing City in flood control and drought, water supply, water drainage, water management, construction and protection of water environment and other aspects of experience and achievements; dissemination of advanced water technology and management skills, promote advanced scientific and technological achievements sum, carry forward the capital of ancient water culture, water exchange of reform experiences, and explore new ways of water economy, an important water-related activities described in the study of information and the situation at home and abroad. Magazine rich in content, novelty seeking, illustrated, financial guidance, academic, practical and readable as a whole, the majority of water and related industry workers of the technical staff and management have some reference and information store value. Now renamed; Beijing Water  ISSN: 1673-4637    CN: 11-5445/TV  (Translated by machine.)