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Journal of Beijing Institute of Light Industry

ISSN 1001-7429 
Organizer: bei jing gong shang da xue  
Publisher: bei jing gong shang da xue bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1983, the former head of the State Light Industry Bureau, the former Beijing Institute of Light Industry, organized quarterly. Adjustment due to the education management system, to be renamed the second half of 2001 as the "Beijing University of Technology" (Natural Science), director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Technology and Business University, organized Issue unchanged. With biological and environmental engineering, chemical engineering and materials science, applied chemistry, mechanical and automation engineering, electronics and information engineering, computer science and technology, mathematical sciences section. Now renamed; Beijing Technology and Business University (Natural Science)  ISSN: 1671-1513    CN: 11-4644 / N  (Translated by machine.)