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ISSN 1009-6523 
Organizer: jiao yu bu zhong yang dian hua jiao yu guan hai nan sheng ke xue ji shu xin xi yan jiu suo bei jing zhong tu lian wen hua jiao yu kai fa zhong xin  
Publisher: wang luo ke ji shi dai bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: the 21st century knowledge economy, reported the world's latest technology developments and information to help readers understand the Internet culture, computer and network master the basic knowledge and skills needed to increase information awareness and sense of innovation to improve the use of information technology to solve the problem ability. ★ main audience: the readers on the Xunkan focus on secondary school students in Xunkan focus on primary, primary and secondary school teachers focused on HEAD. ★ title change: "Foreign Electric" (original) "Network Technology Age" (September 2000 - present) ★ main forum section: Special planning, computer labs, robot exploration dream, computer Budokan, campus fresh reported what the campus network, digital toys, QQ intelligence station, E point of view, Iran sister computer lab Museum invincible animation, digital juvenile exclusive calendar, computer Budokan, English ABC, reported fresh game, plush-mail, puzzle games front , in particular, broadcast, education, wide, extra-territorial folk songs, teaching seminars, curriculum integration, hardware world, software applications, network education, School Link Project, Continuing Education, education, information resources, compiled between reading and so on. (Translated by machine.)