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China Comment

ISSN 1002-7335 
Organizer: zhong gong zhong yang xuan chuan bu wei tuo xin hua tong xun she  
Publisher: ban yue tan za zhi she  
Description: "Comment" Strengthening the Central Propaganda Department under the requirements of ideological and political work, commissioned by Xinhua News Agency, the primary audience for the majority of the important journals, founded in May 1980. Since 1985, China Comment circulation and influence of newspapers and current affairs has been ranked first in the country, known as "the first Journal." "Comment" always adhere to the high style of the popular, the popularization of high quality, adhere to the events and policies mainly to grass-roots audience mainly to positive propaganda policy of the Journal, both adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, promote the theme, but also reflects the public opinion to guide targeted, effective, produced a good response in the reader as by the readers of periodicals industry favorite "brand" and become a party in the propaganda and ideological front influential public opinion front. "Comment" won the first and second "National Social Science Journal Hundred Key Award", the first and second "China Journal Award", "Chinese Journal Square," in Social Science Journals "double high" the first the highest honor.  (Translated by machine.)