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Flight Surgeon

ISSN 1009-5187 
Organizer: kong jun hang kong yi xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: hang kong jun yi bian ji bu  
Description: Issued by the State Press and Publication Administration to approve the public offering of domestic and international publications. Air pressure changes in the main report, motion sickness, a variety of acceleration, temperature stimuli, radiation, toxic substances, flying across time zones the impact of psychological stress on the human body and the protection of life-saving measures in the new development, flight crew work load, exercise physiology , health maintenance, nutrition and health, disease prevention, health research and experience identification, and the ergonomics of the new progress and new technology. Readers are: Air, MD, aviation medical examination, medical, research, teaching workers, engaged in sports medicine, high altitude medicine and aviation industry designers, as well as interested in aviation medicine comrades.  (Translated by machine.)