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Fujian Geography

ISSN 1009-248X 
Organizer: fu jian sheng di li xue hui fu jian shi fan da xue di li yan jiu suo  
Publisher: fu jian di li bian ji bu  
Description: March 31, 2006, the State Press and Publication Administration, reviewed, approved the "Fujian Geography" was renamed "Subtropical Resources and Environment." New national unified publication number: CN 35-1291 / N, ISSN 1673-7105, quarterly, large 16 mo, 96 yards. Unit in charge of Education Department of Fujian Province, the organizers of Fujian Normal University. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" purpose of the magazine is: Resources for the sub-tropical environment and comprehensive study of geography provides platform for academic exchanges, encourage academic contention, respected forward-looking exploration, reflecting the regional characteristics and focus on interdisciplinary research, give priority to the results published in original , dissemination of academic information for the harmonious development between man and nature areas and socio-economic sustainable development of information support. Is a unique sub-tropical areas on earth: the control of subtropical and tropical - temperate air masses alternating between roles and great topography, different land and sea combine to make the region a natural contrast, the highest on the planet, most sensitive and natural environment Most of the fan area; subtropical region is the world's strategic resources of the richest and most important areas, but also the largest share of the economy, the fastest growing region. Human resources and the environment for economic development in the use of natural two closely related issue is the relationship between people and land the center of attention. China's large population and less resources per capita, the obvious contradiction between people and land, while addressing the resources and environment is to implement the scientific development concept and building a harmonious society, the ultimate goal of sustainable development strategies, and thus sub-tropical regions of the integrated resources and environment and geography and its associated social and economic development of great significance. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" will be in resources, environment, geography and regional ecological research and teaching professionals in related fields of engineering and technical personnel and management staff, and graduate students on a published research and information exchange mainstream platform for Subtropical Resources and Environment and its related fields of scientific research. Subtropical Resources and Environment to publish publications and comprehensive study of the theory of geography, technology, comprehensive study and application of practices, resources - environment interactions associated with social and economic development aspects of research papers focus on both released and subtropical regions associated resources of the adjacent region issues related to environment and geography in general theory and methods research. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" is a domestic public offering of class academic journals, the first phase will be published in September 2006. Publication on the planet of natural contrast to the highest environmental sensitivity strongest, most fans of natural subtropical regions of focus, full coverage at home and abroad and its related sub-tropical regions of resources (land, water, gas, biological, mineral resources, rocks, and marine and tourism integrated resources) and environmental (ecological environment, natural and man-made chemical, physical, biological environment) and its related geographic base, geographic background and important socio-economic factors (population, etc.) of the dynamic, research results, especially resources and environment and comprehensive study of the major cross-geography theory, method, technique, application practices, resources, environment and social, cultural, economic factors, the interaction problem. Coverage of these areas of research focus on cutting-edge theory, the latest technology and methods, the latest results of scientific exploration and experiment, comprehensive research progress, discuss hot issues and thematic issues and people's livelihood and international resources and environmental problems are closely related. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" to employ high academic attainments in this field, academicians and academic thinking active, outstanding achievements of young experts as editorial, the Journal reflects the focus on cutting-edge thinking, creativity, scientific and practical, sought to reflect the frontier, timely reports on domestic and related areas of new theories, new discoveries, new methods, new results and new progress, sub-tropical region and the harmonious development of man and nature, social and economic sustainable development. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" is a resource - the intersection of environment and geography, a new publication, keen to be experts in the field, academic institutions and journals the attention of colleagues, support and care, are looking forward to the contributions of experts and scholars, welcome from authors, readers and scholars of the sound. We believe strongly in domestic and foreign experts and scholars support, friends, colleagues in the majority of common concern and cultivation, "Subtropical Resources and Environment" will continue to mature and develop, for the harmonious development of man and nature area for the region can be contribute to sustainable development of their meager forces. "Subtropical Resources and Environment" for soliciting contributions at home and abroad, warmly welcome the contribution of the majority of the urgent need for a high level of theory, research methods and new prospects for wide application of the manuscript. (Translated by machine.)