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Journal of Anhui Electric Power College for Staff

ISSN 1009-1238 
Organizer: an hui dian li zhi gong da xue an hui sheng cheng ren gao deng jiao yu yan jiu hui  
Publisher: an hui dian li zhi gong da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Anhui Power publication is organized by the University staff to reflect the results of our research and teaching-oriented academic journals, is our school's important to carry out academic exchanges at home and abroad garden, is a reflection of Anhui power system power system, especially scientific research, engineering, economic Management Achievement garden. Of theory with practice the rigorous style of study, teaching and research services to promote academic exchanges. Now renamed Anhui Vocational and Technical College of Electrical Engineering, cn34-1297 / Z issn1672-9706  (Translated by machine.)