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Consume Guide

ISSN 1672-5719 
Organizer: zhong guo qing gong ye lian he hui  
Publisher: xiao fei dao kan za zhi she  
Description: Journal of Consumer Guide (domestic ISSN: CN 11-5052 / Z international ISSN: ISSN 1672-5719) formerly known as "China's light industry economy," the Chinese core journals for many years in the academic reputation and has been advanced by some well-known Chinese science and technology at the university Core List published by the recognition. Adhere to the spirit of the party's congress, the party's principles, policies and state laws and regulations for Journals. As social and economic development and improvement of living standards of our people, consumption and consumer goods has undergone a drastic change in the content, housing, cars and other consumer goods have become personal. "Consumer Guide" to all of the consumer as the target audience to promote healthy and positive philosophy of life, promoting green consumption, and guide the consumer fashion, guide scientific consumption, while the consumption for the production of development, light industry and business services. (Translated by machine.)