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The Merchandise and Quality

ISSN 1006-656X 
Organizer: zhong guo shang ye lian he hui ; zhong shang ke ji xin xi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shang pin yu zhi liang bian ji bu  
Description: "Commodities and quality" Weekly profile "Goods and quality" magazine is the official publication approved by the state, the domestic unity ISSN: CN11-3669 / T, international ISSN: ISSN1006-656X, 8 open, imported copperplate paper color printing, published every Monday. Publication in order to protect famous brand products, and safeguarding the legitimate interests of consumers, the right guide consumption for the purpose of the legitimate rights and interests of the damage behavior of the consumer opinion to the authority of the media. Weekly content: the popularization of product quality, consumer protection law, consumer reports hot track to announce the results of comparative tests of goods and national quality supervision and inspection department of the product sampling report. Expose the acts of making and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, introduced to the general consumer choice and identify the practical knowledge and methods of goods, promotion integrity of enterprises (businesses) to promote the health of consumers, reflects China's 1.2 billion consumers, the service authority, just , guidance and practical. Articles with: brand and quality, every day, 3.15, complaint investigation, advertising exposing lies, weekly quality control reports, comparison and selection, scientific consumption, quality and safety, by Case and other columns. CCTV reproduced in each issue, "Weekly Quality Report" and cooperation with Sina, Sina, type 315 in the magazine that the pop-up Web site, click rate of 10 million.  (Translated by machine.)