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Chinese Science and Technology Terms Journal

ISSN 1008-1984 
Organizer: quan guo ke xue ji shu ming ci shen ding wei yuan hui  
Publisher: ke ji shu yu yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal is committed to building socialism with Chinese characteristics, terminology theory, standardized terms for Chinese science and technology and unified, by technology experts and language experts together to create a set of technology and the humanities in one comprehensive publication. For the term of the researchers, the terminology and the terminology user validation services. Term oriented industry, technology, language community, the translation industry, journalism, publishing, education of the majority of workers and researchers, introduced the term theoretical research results at home and abroad, announced technology specification terms, released new word trial technology, organizational focus, Discussion of Terminology and difficult to explore the historical and cultural connotation of the term science and technology, reported that the normative work of the dynamic terminologies. (Translated by machine.)