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BMJ Chinese Edition

ISSN 1007-9742 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: ying guo yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "British Medical Journal (BMJ) Chinese version" is the Chinese Medical Association and the British Medical Association co-founded in 1998, a comprehensive translation class medical journals, she maintained a rigorous academic journal BMJ original, innovative, and focus on the humanities, the clear and lively choreography characteristics of the timely transmission to the general authority of clinicians and advanced academic content, rich and useful medical information. Fit the clinical journal articles, informative, comprehensive, focused, illustrations and interesting, allowing you easy access to foreign countries in the reading of new medical advances, imperceptibly in science and rigorous way of thinking. Main sections include: Review, treatises, reviews, lectures, evidence-based medicine, education, and Contention, news, observation and perspective, and so each lesson. China journal by the editorial board composed of renowned experts in all subjects, culled from the original BMJ most suitable for Chinese readers to the article, carefully translation and revision, has two consecutive outstanding compilation of Chinese Medical Association Journal Award. Bimonthly, big 16 format, copperplate paper color printing, each page 64. Price: 9.00 RMB / books, the year 54. Subscribe via the post office (Youfadaihao 82-932), or to the Chinese Medical Association Department of magazine publishing (Dong Si Post Office Box 100010-58) direct mail, direct mail Annual Chinese Journal BMJ, could continue to implement preferential price of 48.6 yuan / year. Publishing Tel :010 -85158329. E-mail: info@cma.org.cn.  (Translated by machine.)