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Capital China

ISSN 1006-9208 
Organizer: zhong guo jin chu kou shang pin jian yan ji shu yan jiu suo  
Description: To capital markets and venture capital as the main target of large-scale report and monthly financial services market focused, enthusiastic mediated entrepreneurial culture in-depth coverage of financial news, and actively popularize knowledge of venture capital. "Science Investment> one positioned to have a certain financial strength of individual investors and investment and financing entrepreneurial SMEs large-scale high-end two-way services financial magazine, is currently the largest circulation of a professional standard of Finance (Investment) magazine one enjoys wide reputation in the community. Publication to promote entrepreneurial culture, venture capital information dissemination and exchange of experience for the purpose of venture capital for entrepreneurs, investors actively seek and provide clues to the investment and financing, investment and financing both for the matchmaking.  (Translated by machine.)