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Fire Protection in Henan

ISSN 1007-4201 
Organizer: he nan sheng gong an xiao fang zong dui  
Publisher: he nan xiao fang bian ji bu  
Description: ★ magazine profile: "Henan Fire" is based in Henan, for the country, adhere to the "fire-fighting to promote first" guiding ideology, multi-angle, multi-level advocacy fire regulations, fire spread knowledge, featuring fire cases, lead to social inspiring, fire cause analysis, lessons learned, bringing together all kinds of information, outreach ideas, and strengthen community awareness on fire to guide the work of the community to do the fire, reducing fire hazards. ★ main forum sections: Preface Memorandum of the Special Planning News Zhuangao fire fire and water legal system of the Court, 119 people monitoring the official forums and discussion notes of romantic science Corner Guard wheat harvest red fire Puguang Tai-mail page comic cautionary bell time the fire line fax Shihaigouchen social landscape of palm-leaf fan Red Gate Xie Ying (Translated by machine.)