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Foreign Languages in China

ISSN 1672-9382 
Organizer: gao deng jiao yu chu ban she  
Publisher: zhong guo wai yu za zhi she  
Description: "Foreign Language" is the director of National Education, Higher Education Press, the country hosted a large foreign language academic journals. Its birth, is the national language scholars Fortunately, a major event. "Chinese Language," based on the country, the world. It will take China Foreign Language Teaching and Research and Innovation in the first place, and promote foreign language teaching and academic research in the healthy development of the international academic community to hear the voice of Chinese scholars.     "Foreign Language" theory with practice, in practice, the use, testing and lifting theory, implementation of the "theory - practice - theory" line of research, combined with local resources to encourage and support academic research.     "Foreign Language" Based on the Reform and Foster innovation for teaching and strengthening applications. It will guide, perspective, academic, practical display of foreign language teaching reform and theoretical research results. It will stand in the forefront of reform to disseminate the results of scientific experiments, to provide foreign language study and study again, to further increase the opportunities; it will hold high the banner of innovation, implement the Hundred Flowers, who is a foreign language to create a school to display their talent to the world , a large platform with international practice.  (Translated by machine.)