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The World of Chinese Literature

ISSN 1005-3779 
Organizer: zhong guo yu wen bao kan xie hui  
Publisher: yu wen shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: Carry forward the traditional virtues of nation, absorbing human progress, culture and language to improve the quality of the whole nation to promote the language have made outstanding contributions to the reform. "Language World" magazine is the journal of Chinese Language Newspapers Association, founded in 1994, has been adhering to the "young people, a large language, high-grade"; purpose of the magazine, in good faith for the majority of secondary school students learning services, I abstracts and manuscripts from the group is a combination of fine excellent choice to improve the aesthetic quality of students at the same time, to guide students easily into a variety of major languages of the world. "World Language High School Edition," there are four plates: Read the overpass - into the Nobel Prize, Contemporary Focus, Camel years, the U.S. text links, some other writers; Writing Club - creativity Cube, the campus literary monthly, the taste of youth , writing that Tianjin, fun bar, etc.; knowledge of Grand View Garden - History and the Internet, science and technology the new route, exotic to the wind, quibble, etc.; ability of T-units - teacher online, real canon learning revolution. (Translated by machine.)