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World Economics and Politics
2011 Issue 4
The Currency Dimension of Great-power Games: Franco-American Currency Confrontation in 1960s and Its Historical Revelations
Chen Ping ; Associate Professor of Transportation Management College; Dalian Maritime University and Guest Researcher of GMEP; ChangCe Think Tank ; Guan Qingyou; Senior Researcher of Energy Economics Institute; China National Offshore Oil Corporation.
The U.S. Foreign Policy-Making Analysis: Levels, Perspectives and Theoretical Models
Shen Benqiu ; born in 1976; Associate Research Fellow of International Relations; Guangzhou University; School of Foreign Studies; Doctor of Law.
On China’s Behavior in Dealing with International Millitary Security Crisis
Zhang Tuosheng ; Research Fellow; Chairman of Academic Committee; China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies.
Currency-Politics: The Changes and Future of the World Situations
Wang Xiangsui ; Director of Strategic Study Center; and Professor of Beihang University ; Beijing; 100191.
China’s Public Diplomacy from the Perspective of New Public Diplomacy
Zheng Hua ; Associate Professor and Doctor of International Relations Department; School of International and Public Affairs; Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Dramatic Changes Taking Place in the World, International Strategic Studies in Urgent Need
Li Shenming ; Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Research Fellow and Doctoral Advisor of CASS. Representative of the 16th and 17th National People’s Congresses; Member of the 10th and 11th NPC Standing Committees; Head of the Group of International Studies of the National Philosophy and Social Science Evaluation Commission; Member of the Political Group of the 6th Discipline Inspection Group of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council; Member and Chief Expert of the Central Advisory Committee for Marxism Research and Building; President of the Chinese Association of Political Science.
Building East Asian Community from the Perspectives of Globalization and Regionalization
Hoshino Akiyoshi ; Hoshino Akiyoshi; Professor in the Department of Law; Dokkyo University; Japan; Liu Xiaolin; Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations; Beijing Normal University.
Recognition in International Relations: Legitimacy and Audience Costs
Zhao Jun ; Ph. D.; Assistant Research Fellow of the Institution of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University.
The Intellectual Genealogy of Political Psychology in International Relations
Yin Jiwu; Associate Professor; School of International Relations and Diplomacy; Beijing Foreign Studies University; China.