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Popular Science Nobel

ISSN 1006-3315 
Organizer: jiang su sheng ke xue ji shu wei yuan hui jiang su sheng ke xue ji shu xie hui jiang su sheng jiao yu wei yuan hui  
Description: Popular science publications. The aim is to by the "popular science to the public and scientific." Popularization of scientific knowledge-based content, but also the establishment of mass mail, answers readers problems. Today is the knowledge, information "explosion" of the era of "scientific public" to maintain and inherit and carry forward the style of the Journal at the same time rigorous, to broaden their knowledge, expand horizons, develop wisdom, cultivating innovative awareness of young readers as the purpose of technology literacy efforts to popularize scientific knowledge, dissemination of scientific thought, the spirit of science to meet the needs of readers of friends.  (Translated by machine.)