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Culture Journal

ISSN 1673-7725 
Organizer: liao ning she hui ke xue yuan  
Publisher: wen hua xue kan za zhi she  
Description: "Journal of Cultural Studies" was launched in September 15, 2006, bimonthly, published every single month 15, the State Press and Publication Administration approved the public offering of domestic and foreign academic culture of the Chinese Social Science Periodicals. Science as the successor to carry forward the traditional culture, guided exploration of modern advanced culture and building a harmonious human society journal subject to innovation? Seeking? Contention? Forefront of philosophy for the journal to the forefront of academic innovation and attention to the academic attention, because of concerns major theoretical issues of social concern for the journal to strategy. Access to start-up on the occasion of the academic community and media attention was praised as "extraordinary your opinion" and "Cultural Science" is published in the academic achievement of high quality academic humanities and social sciences and information platform garden, a harmonious academic home. Science would like to recruit more areas, more school of scholars in the Journal, the Journal co-operation, together with the parties to cooperate and work together to create a "Name Column Name Journal." Sought through the creation of several "name field" (plate), together and the "Journal of Cultural Studies" at home and abroad gradually accomplishing the characteristics of influential academic journals.      (Translated by machine.)