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Trade Information of World Machinelectronics

ISSN 1005-5894 
Organizer: zhong guo ji dian chan pin jin chu kou shang hui zhong guo mao cu hui ji xie xing ye fen hui zhong guo mao cu hui dian zi xin xi xing ye fen hui ji dian gong ye guo ji jing mao xin  
Publisher: shi jie ji dian jing mao xin xi bian ji bu  
Description: The magazine was first published in 1988 by the China Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, CCPIT Machinery Sub, CCPIT Electronics & Information Industry Machinery Industry Information Institute chapters and co-sponsored. Stationed in the international market to the business roadmap main content. To promote import and export of electromechanical products and international trade and economic cooperation purpose of the magazine. Is the manager for foreign trade (CTO) in the field of mechanical and electrical products in China's foreign trade practices as the core of the only comprehensive journal. Journal of Change: now: "export manager"  (Translated by machine.)