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China Emergency Rescue

ISSN 1673-5579 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhen ju ; zhong guo di zhen ying ji jiu yuan zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo ying ji jiu yuan za zhi she  
Description: "China's emergency rescue," Journal of charge by the China Seismological Bureau, China Earthquake Emergency Rescue Center organized emergency response focuses on domestic and international developments and comprehensive knowledge of professional journals. "China Emergency Rescue" is designed to report on major public emergencies at home and abroad, and emergency rescue of the important news and developments, published in the public safety and emergency rescue of the theoretical and technical research papers to promote the emergency rescue of the technological achievements and experience; universal knowledge of public safety and emergency rescue knowledge to the whole society's awareness of public safety and disaster prevention for the coordination of social harmony and stability and economic development. "China's emergency rescue," the main sections are: expert forum, comprehensive reports, the absolute scene, the rescue front, mitigation aspect, case studies, local field trips, frontier science and technology, international communication, theory exploration, science garden, emergency SMS, and Digest and Zatan . Please content of the publication to the above submission. "China Emergency Rescue" is a bimonthly, 16 open large version, 48 pages, full-color copperplate printing.  (Translated by machine.)