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ISSN 1005-2968 
Organizer: guang ming ri bao she  
Publisher: shu zhai bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: the book journal is dedicated to the love of a beautiful friends "book package." She "let book lovers to spend less, read more books" for the purpose of the magazine, in the hope of each book is dedicated to the readers. "Extract" the many books published each month in the new wide search gaming, capture the essence; her columns from the draft, is famous blend, excellent work again and again. "Extract" set of ideological, social, intellectual, literary, timeliness in one, both high-grade, but also highly readable. ★ main forum sections: National Affairs Forum Spring and Autumn history and people living inside wide world economy microform Wikipedia scenic view of three books taste of life TAN (Translated by machine.)