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ISSN 1005-0914 
Organizer: zhong guo min jian wen yi jia xie hui  
Publisher: zuo fen bian ji bu  
Description: ★ magazine profile: "Fun" is a living space based, and concerned about the space and people, the relationship between art and life of high-quality magazine. Committed to introduce the latest international interior design trends, home life philosophy, to promote high quality of life. Originality, design, art is its basic features, covering architecture, interior, environment, arts and other fields. Since it began its life in the pursuit of high quality in-depth and high-income sectors of the industry favorite, and greatly promote the development of the domestic interior design. ★ main audience: embassies business people, artists, design groups, senior manager of corporate real estate sector and other groups. ★ title change: "Folklore" (the original) "Fun" (2000 - present) ★ main forum section: concept: special feature visual art and design: the designer fashion design recommendations to create a design life: the third people I love my family space travel home city read a model of quality of life: the artist mood table cloth elements (Translated by machine.)