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Junior Middle School Students

ISSN 1004-5546 
Organizer: hu nan jiao yu bao kan she  
Publisher: chu zhong sheng bian ji bu  
Description: "Junior" magazine was launched in January 1985, by the late famous scientist wrote the first issue Hua resigned. "Junior" magazine to expand the horizons of knowledge to guide learning, foster innovation, promote the comprehensive development of the purpose of the magazine. Mainly concerned about the growth of junior high school students, promote healthy reading, attention in the exam, make an extension of classroom instruction articles, providing readers with the curriculum reform to adapt the curriculum to match resources. Since the founding, there have been king of the first channel (formerly the Central Advisory Commission Standing Committee), Liu Bin (former deputy director of the State Board of Education), Liu (former Governor of Hunan Province), and many other leading comrades, Zhou Pei-Yuan, Chen Da, Yuan Longping hundreds of scientists, etc. , Wei Wei, Wang Li, Liyan Jie and Shu Ting hundreds of writers, scholars, poets or writers wrote an inscription for the magazine. Since 1990, "Junior" magazine has won the National Children's Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council awarded the first "China Children's Press Award", the State Press and Publication Administration issued the first National Award for overall design exhibitions and competitions periodicals, printing binding and excellent products, China young people awarded the National Youth Writing Society Outstanding Issues. July 13, 1999, the State Press and Publication Administration, organized the "China Press reported that" in the headline position to "flag erected here -" Middle School Students> adhere to quality education journals Educational visits recorded "in the title, long promotion of the" junior "experience of running. In 2000, the "junior" magazine was awarded the first top ten journals in Hunan Province. Phalanx of Chinese journals in 2001 was selected journal Social double effect. 1993 to 2005, China Children's Press Association, the National Children's Organization's fifth selection of outstanding works in the press, "junior" magazine a total of almost 100 articles, columns more than 10 awards, winning a total membership in the largest newspapers. In 2003, the "junior" magazine awarded the highest honor of Chinese Children Newspaper Award - Outstanding Children's newspaper First China gold medal. In 2005, the "junior" top ten journals in Hunan Province the title of reelection. In recent years, "Junior" magazine after several major revision, the overall design more sophisticated, the column is more beautiful, more beautiful arrangement. A Moderator entitled "The growth record" to work through the students themselves to tell the story of growth, guide young people growing up in a correct view of the various experiences and the success or failure; B Moderator, entitled "Reading navigation", more attention to high school students in reading, reading more classical, while the text, guiding reading methods, reading the relevant training; C Moderator entitled in the examination guidelines, more attention in the examination for middle school students in the examination to provide more information to reinforce the three disciplines of Yushu Wai review guide, do a good job in the test article. "Junior" magazine now has become the name of a Middle School Journal, the majority of students in the prestigious. At present, the "junior" with "scientists Words" and "new ideas" "Dust of about clothing," "peers," "Youth express" "inspirational story," "Mind Ranch", "Tan Xingxin Box" "famous Enlightenment", "literary societies "" look at me 36 change "," cool blog "" New Standard course study of law, "" writing training ground, "" wrong solution analysis "," Orsay Square "," detective on the road, "" emotional areas "," Natural Wonder "" wisdom of the story "" Style Stand, "" Code Reading of a Kind "and other sections of dozens of distinctive characteristics, each have a variety of activities designed to give readers the participation and talent show stage. Flowering season of life from here, start from here a better future. Have "junior", your life will no longer be boring junior high school, not boring, they're not alone! "Junior" is now Xunkan (A version for the growth record, B version to read navigation, C version of the guide in the examination), International 32 mo, 2 sheets, each priced at 2.50 yuan. "Junior" Youfadaihao: A version of 42-107, B version of 42-108, C Edition 42-109. "Junior" Editorial Address: (410008) North Road, Changsha, Hunan, Cai E, No. 485, Tel :0731 -4313314, Fax :0731 -4313717, E-mail: czs@hnjy.com.cn. (Translated by machine.)