Insurance Studies 2016 Issue 3 bao xian li lun yu shi jian zheng gao qi shi
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Insurance Studies
2016 Issue 3
The Regional Difference and Distribution Dynamic Evolution of China’s Insurance Industry
ZHONG Shuiying;LI Qiangyi;XIAO Pan;School of Economics and Management;Wuhan University;School of Finance and statistics;Hunan University;
Interaction Mechanism between the Insurance Industry and Urbanization
XU Xian;DING Mohai;WANG Danyang;School of Economics;Fudan University;China Insurance and Social Security Research Center;Fudan University;China Securities Investor Services Co.;Ltd.;
The Research on Catastrophe Reserve Calculation and Usage in Agricultural Insurance:The Case of Hunan Rice Insurance
ZHANG Lin;BAI Duolin;College of Finance and Statistics;Hunan University;
On Construction of China’s Compulsory Food Safety Liability Insurance System:A Perspective of Compulsion and Autonomy
HE Jinqiang;SUN Wujun;Law School of Southwest Universityof Finance and Economics;School of Business;Nanjing University;
A Study on Asset and Liability Management of Life Insurance Company Based on Bi-level Programming
LI Xiufang;BI Dong;CHEN Xiaowei;The School of Actuarial Science;Nankai University;
Sampling Error Correction,Forecast and Application of China Mortality——Based on Gravity Model and Corresponding Data in Japan
FAN Yong;ZHU Wenge;School of Finance;Shanghai University of Finance and Economics;
The Global Marine Insurance Market: Competition Structure Evolution and Its Influencing Factors
SONG Fangxiu;School of Economics;Peking University;
A study on the Effect of Chinese New Rural Pension Program on Rural Subjective Well-being
HE Yangyang;ZHOU Qin;Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;University of International Business and Economics;
The Entrusted Investment and Legal Configuration for the Basic Pension Fund
YANG Fuwei;ZHANG Xinmin;Southwest University Law School;