Insurance Studies 2016 Issue 11 bao xian yan jiu huo ping zhong guo guo ji ying xiang li you xiu xue shu qi kan
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Insurance Studies
2016 Issue 11
A Research on the Systemic Risk of Insurance Sector and Influencing Factors Financial Stability under the Rick Interconnected Perspective
XU Hua;WEI Mengxin;CHEN Xi;Southwestern University of Financial and Economics;
Optimal Capital Allocation for Insurance Companies:Under the View of Mortality Risk Management
LI Bingqing;WANG Lijia;KE Xiaofang;Nankai University;School of Finance;Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank;
A Study on Express Assessment Model for Economic Losses Caused by Typhoon Disasters
LU Shan;LI Xiufang;College of Finance;Nankai University;
Optimal Social Health Insurance with Income Disparity——A Modeling Approach
TIAN Sen;LEI Zhen;PAN Jie;ZENG Li;Research Institute of Economics and Management;Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;School of Economics;Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;West China Research Center for Rural Health Development & West China School of Public Health;Sichuan University;Aviva-COFCO Life Insurance Co.;Ltd;Sichuan Branch;
The Analysis of the Adverse Selection in China Critical Illness Insurance Market and Its Affecting Factors
JIA Houxiang;SU Fang;Shanghai University of Finance and Economics;
Two-Step Generalized Linear Mixed Models Based on Development Time and Operational Time in Non-life Insurance Loss Reserving
XIE Yuantao;MAO Yu;School of Insurance and Economics;UIBE;
D&O Insurance,Audit Opinions and Bank Credit Decision
WU Xihao;QIN Shuai;HU Guoliu;School of Economic and Management;Hainan University;
A Research on System Optimization of Rural Public Order Insurance under the Perspective of Collaborative Governance
HE Jinqiang;SUN Wujun;Law School of Southwest University of Finance and Economics;School of Business;Nanjing University;
An Exploration on Establishing the Legal System for Flood Disaster Insurance
ZHANG Gongchang;YU Haichun;Law School of University of International Business and Economics;
The Recent Development of Overseas Agricultural Insurance Research——A Bibliometric Statistical Analysis Based on the Citespace Ⅲ
HUANG Yingjun;LIU Min;Economics and Business Administration School of Chongqing University;