Insurance Studies 2015 Issue 2 bao xian yan jiu guan zhu de yan jiu fang xiang
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Insurance Studies
2015 Issue 2
The Development of China’s Modern Insurance Industry under the New Economic Norm
XIANG JunBo;China Insurance Regulatory Commission;
The Identification of Factors Affecting Residents’ Catastrophe Insurance Demands—The Evidence from Earthquake Risks in China
ZHU Wei;CHEN Bingzheng;School of Insurance and Economics;University of International Business and Economics;Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management;
The International Trend of Insurance Industry Development and Population Age Structure Based on Quantile Regression Exponential Research
AO Yulan;HAN Xiaofeng;Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;
A Research on the Strategies of Chinese Life Insurance Industry to Explore the ASEAN Market Based on the Clustering Analysis
LU Feng;School of Insurance;Central University of Finance and Economics;
The Performance of Life Insurance Company under Surrender Constraint
YAN Wenkai;BAI Xuejie;School of Economics Nankai Uiversity;College of Economic and Social Development Nankai University;
Mortality Decomposition Model and Its Application to the Construction of Stratified Longevity Fund
ZHANG Ning;China Institute for Actuarial Science;Central University of Finance and Economics;
Tax Incentives’ Impacts on Health Insurance Purchase Willingness
ZHU Minglai;YU Xinliang;School of Economics;Nankai University;
Constructing the System of Rescission Right of Insurance Contract—Reviewing the Third Judicial Interpretation of the Insurance Law
YANG Deqi;School of Insurance;the Central University of Finance and Economics;
The Analysis of Adverse Selection in New Rural Social Pension Insurance
ZHOU Lei;JIANG Bo;WANG Jingxi;The School of Public Administration of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;
The Basic Medical Insurance System’s Effects on Satisfaction to the Basic Health Service and Sense of Social Conflict
XU Guanglu;SHEN HuiZhang;Antai College of Economics & Management;Shanghai Jiao Tong University;