Insurance Studies 2014 Issue 1 zhong guo bao xian xue hui di jiu jie hui yuan dai biao da hui zuo di jiu jie li shi hui di yi ci hui yi zai jing zhao kai
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Insurance Studies
2014 Issue 1
Objectives of Insurance Regulation and Supervision Regime
Xie Zhi-gang;Cui Ya;School of Finance;Shanghai University of Finance and Economics;
Research on Problems and Measures of P&I Supervision in China
Guo Li-jun;School of Insurance of Central University of Finance and Economics;
A Study on Issues Related to Policy-oriented Agricultural Insurance Based on Increasing Degree of Synergy
Huang Ya-lin;Li Ming-xian;Economic College of Hunan Agricultural University;
The Feasibility of Farm Produce Price Index Insurance
Wang Ke;Zhang Qiao;Xiao Yu-gu;Wang Bi-wang;Zhao Si-jian;Zhao Jun-ye;Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science;College of Statistics;RENMIN University of China;
Research on Credit Rating for Non-Life Insurance Companies in China——An Empirical Study Based on Public Disclosure in 2012
The research team on the credit rating system for Chinese insurance companies;School of Insurance;University of International Basiness and Economics;
A Review on Risk Assessment and Pricing Methods for Environmental Liability Insurance
Chen Dong-mei;Duan Bai-ge;Department of Risk Management and Insurance;School of Economics;Fudan University;
The Expected Rate of Return of Participating Endowment Insurance: Case Studies from Consumer’s Perspective
Guo Zhen-hua;He Lin-nan;Ni Hong-xia;School of Finance;Shanghai University of Business and Economics;
A Reriew on the Expanded Explaination of the Insurers Explicit Statement Obligation
He Li-xin;Xie Xiao;Xiamen University Law School;
On the Defects and Remedy of Judicial Interpretationof Article 17 of Insurance Law——Based on Civil Law Dynamic Principle Theory
Lu Zhong-jiang;School of Economics HeFei University of Technology;
The Effect of Supplementary Major Medical Insurance on the Balance of Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance Fund
Song Zhan-jun;Zhu Ming-lai;The School of Economics of Nankai University;
Separating Operation and Management of Social Medical Insurance System: Theoretical Basis,Institutional Framework,and Path Selection
Wu Hai-bo;School of Economics and Management;Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
The Actuarial Model of Landless Farmers’ Pension Insurance in China——Taking Jinan City as an Example
Wang Xia;Shangdong University of Finance and Economics;