Insurance Studies 2013 Issue 8 zhong guo bao xian xue hui cheng pin ying cai
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Insurance Studies
2013 Issue 8
A Reflection on Issues regarding the Reform and Development of the Insurance Industry in China
Xiang Jun-bo;China Insurance Regulatory Commission;
Reflections on Agricultural Insurance Development amid the Trend of Urbanization in China
Shi Xiao-jun;Guo Jin-long;The School of Finance of RENMIN University of China;Institute of Finance and Banking;Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
Legal Norms on Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance and Government Responsibility Choices
Wang Xiao-jiang;Feng Wen-li;School of Finance;Hebei University of Economics and Finance;
A Study on Relationship between Income Differential,Financial Development and Insurance Demand—Evidences from 40 countries
Li Hou-jian;Economics and Business Administration;Chongqing University;
Development Model Innovation for Patent Insurance amid the Innovation-driven Strategy Background
Chen Zhi-guo;Yang Tian-jie;Insurance and Social Security Research Center;Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;
Credit Insurance,Financial Institutions’ Credit Supply and Farmers’ Loan Decision—Evidence from“Credit + Insurance”for Strawberry Growing in F County
Wu Ben-jian;Shan Xi;Ma Jiu-jie;School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of Renmin University of China;Credit Approval Department of Jiangsu Branch of China Construction Bank;
Applications of GAMLSS in Non-life Insurance Ratemaking Analysis
Lv Ding-hai;Huang Da-qing;China Pacific Property Insurance Co.;Ltd.;
Stochastic Models and Methods of Claims Reserving in Non-life Insurance: Review of Relevant Literature
Duan Bai-ge;Department of Risk Management and Insurance;School of Economics;Fudan University;
On the Taxation System towards Commercial Health Insurance
Bai Xiao-feng;The School of Law of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics;
On the System of Incentive Compatibility of Deposit Insurance and the Market Discipline Mechanism
Pan Jing;Xiong Mou-lin;The Law School of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics;
A Study on Catastrophe Bond Pricing in China with Consideration of Multiple Risks
Kang Han-bin;Xing Tian-cai;School of Finance;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
A Study on the Transformation of China’s Social Healthcare System
Qiu Yu-lin;Huang Guo-wu;School of Labor and Human Resources of RENMIN University of China;
Decomposition of Factors Affecting China’s Per-capita Health Expenditure Growth
Wang Chao-qun;Institute of Social Security at School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China;