Insurance Studies 2010 Issue 9 An empirical analysis on the impacts of investment restriction on asset ratio for the insurance industry’s investment portfolio
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Insurance Studies
2010 Issue 9
A study on insurance frauds
Wei Ying-ning
An exploration into the causes of underwriting cycle for China’s non-life insurance sector
Wang Li-zhen;Li Xiu-fang;Guo Si-wen
The review of American insurance theories:history and present
Duan Sheng;Wang Yi-lin
The foreign control of reinsurance business in China
Cao ling;Zan xin
A research on nurses insurance
Meng Ding
The evolution and fragmentation of the pension system
Sun Guo-yu;Geng Shu-yan;Chen Lei
The liberalization of life insurance pricing rate
Li Liang-wen
Option pricing method for major medical expense insurance
Song Xiang-ning