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Corporate Culture

ISSN 1003-5400 
Organizer: qi ye wen hua za zhi she  
Publisher: qi ye wen hua bian ji bu  
Description: Introduction of advanced management theory the authority of the corporate culture to promote the enterprises to implement the corporate culture publications gather cutting-edge publications of soft power understand the business dynamics and entrepreneurs excellent illustrations of life necessary to elaborate the first reading trend-founder of the new book, "Enterprise Culture "magazine is founded 80 years of last century the first one in China to promote, introduce foreign advanced management theory corporate culture, and promote China's enterprises learn from foreign experience to improve their own management for the purpose of managing large software journals. The coverage includes domestic and foreign enterprises of cultural theory and practical experience, entrepreneurs speech, experience, corporate culture developments, research results, planning corporate culture and so on. As of 2002 also will be the journal of corporate culture in the country have an important and wide-ranging implications. "Corporate culture" with the pace of China's reform and opening up, through the course of 15 years, witnessed the Chinese corporate culture from the initiation, the process of starting to grow, but also for birth and culture to promote Chinese enterprises fulfill their duties and make every modest means. Famous economists and corporate culture expert Li Yining, Wu Jinglian, Cheng Siwei, Wei Jie, Liu Guangming, Meng Xianzhong, Meng Chi, Guan Yixin worked magazine feeds. Depth magazine has reported the development of Fortune 500 companies and their corporate culture in the path of enterprise development, the significance of the process. I am the world's top entrepreneurs, Journal of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, GE's new chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt made an exclusive interview. Many famous domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, Zhang, Yang, Lu Guanqiu, Zheng Yonggang, Zhang Guoxi, Feng Lun, who have reported publication. "Corporate culture" trying to close to China the pulse of political and economic development, cultural background reflection in large Chinese enterprises, entrepreneurs, growth, contemplation of our corporate culture and international development of docking, to provide you with detailed development of the corporate culture of the theory and practice information, provide corporate culture reference frame of reference. Currently, the establishment of a new enterprise system has been opened across the country, the corresponding management of increasingly corporate culture in full swing. "Corporate culture" on the one hand the need for business, generally welcomed by enterprises for their own opened up a broader space for development, but it is also driven by the sense of responsibility, deeply "The road is long Come", arduous tasks and the Road far. As a well-known journals, and soon will truly become a renowned international brand. May all the concern, care and support "corporate culture" of entrepreneurs, experts, insight, as always, to care for and support her, and in the practice of enterprise culture to create her more brilliant future! (Translated by machine.)