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Journal of Thermal Science
2013 Issue 1
Modeling, Experimental Study on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Thermoelectric Generator
Ze-Guang Zhou; Dong-Sheng Zhu; Hong-Xia Wu and Hong-Sheng ZhangSchool of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; South China University of Technology; Guangzhou 510641; China
Effect of a Curved Duct Upstream on Performance of Small Centrifugal Compressors for Automobile Turbochargers
Shigeta Kikuchi1; Nobuhiko Yamasaki1and Akihiro Yamagata21. Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Kyushu University; Fukuoka; Japan2. Products Development Center; IHI Corporation; Yokohama; Japan
Convective Transport in Rectangular Cavities Partially Heated at the Bottom and Cooled at One Side
C. Cianfrini; M. Corcione; E. Habib and A. Quintino DIAEE Sezione Fisica Tecnica; Sapienza Università di Roma; via Eudossiana; 18–00184 Rome; Italy
Effects of Preprocessing Method on TVOC Emission of Car Mat
Min Wang1;2and Li Jia1;1. Department of Power Engineering; School of Mechanical and Electronic Control Engineering; Beijing Jiaotong University; Beijing 100044; China2. Key Laboratory of Urban Stormwater System and Water Environment Ministry of Education; Beijing; 100044 China
Counter-Rotating Type Pump-Turbine Unit Cooperating with Wind Power Unit
Tengen Murakami and Toshiaki Kanemoto Faculty of Engineering;Kyushu Institute of Technology;Fukuoka;Japan
Unsteady Internal Flow Conditions of Mini-Centrifugal Pump with Splitter Blades
T. Shigemitsu1; J. Fukutomi1and K. Kaji2; T. Wada2 1. Institute of Technology and Science; The University of Tokushima; 2-1 Minamijosanjima-cho; Tokushima; 770-8506;Japan2. Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science; The University of Tokushima; 2-1 Minamijosanjima-cho;Tokushima; 770-8506; Japan
Experiment and Prediction of Fire Extinguishment with Water Mist in an Enclosed Room
Jianbo Zhao and Lijun Yang School of Astronautics; Beihang University; Beijing; 100191; China
Pressure Wave and Fluid Velocity in a Bend-Mode Inkjet Nozzle with Double PZT Actuators
Sungu Kim1; Jaeyong Sung2 and Myeong Ho Lee2 1. Graduate School; Dept. of Mechanical Engineering; SeoulTech; Seoul; 139-743 Korea 2. Dept. of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering; SeoulTech; Seoul; 139-743 Korea
Influence of Non-Axisymmetric Terms on Circumferentially Averaged Method in Fan/Compressor
Ke Wan1;Hailiang Jin2;Donghai Jin1and Xingmin Gui1 1.Aeroengine Numerical Simulation Research Center;Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;Beijing;100191;China 2.China Aviation Powerplant Research Institute;Zhuzhou;412002;China
Experimental Study on a Centrifugal Pump with an Open Impeller during Startup Period
Yuliang Zhang1;Zuchao Zhu1;2;Yingzi Jin2;Baoling Cui2;Yi Li2 and Huashu Dou21.The State Key Lab of Fluid Power Transmission and Control;Zhejiang University;Hangzhou;China;2.The Province Key Lab of Fluid Transmission Technology;Zhejiang Sci-Tech University;Hangzhou;China
Simulation of Gas Exothermic Chemical Reaction in Porous Media Reactor with Lattice Boltzmann Method
Xin Fang1;2; Li Xun-Feng1; Xu Min1; Huai Xiu-Lan1; Cai Jun1and Guo Zhi-Xiong3 1. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100190; China 2. Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100080; China 3. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Rutgers; the State University of New Jersey; 98 Brett Road;Piscataway; NJ 08854; USA
Corner Separations around a NACA65 Blade in a Decelerating Flow (Experimental Investigations by Five-Hole Probe and PIV)
Yoichi Kinoue1;Ryutaro Ohhira1;Norimasa Shiomi1and Toshiaki Setoguchi2 1.Department of Mechanical Engineering;Saga University;1;Honjo;Saga;840-8502;Japan 2.Institute of Ocean Energy;Saga University;1;Honjo;Saga;840-8502;Japan
Agglomeration Characteristics of River Sand and Wheat Stalk Ash Mixture at High Temperatures
Shang Linlin1; Li Shiyuan2and Lu Qinggang2 1. College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering; China University of Petroleum; Beijing102249; China2. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100190; China
Slip-enhanced Reverse Electrodialytic Power Generation in Ion-selective Nanochannels
Byeongdong Kang; Jaisuk Yoo; Hyun Jung Kim and Dong-Kwon Kim Department of Mechanical Engineering; Ajou University; South Korea