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Journal of Thermal Science
2011 Issue 5
Numerical Investigation of an Oscillating Airfoil using Immersed Boundary Method
Guohua Zhong1;Lin Du2 and Xiaofeng Sun2 1.Aviation China Engineering;General Electric Co.;Shanghai 201203;China 2.School of Jet Propulsion;Beihang University;Beijing 100191;China
Aerodynamics Design of Two-stage Vane-less Counter-rotating Turbinec
Yang Zhou1;Huoxing Liu1;Wei Li2 and Jun Zeng3 1.National Key Lab.on Aero-Engines;Aero-Engines Simulation Research Center;Beijing Univ.of Aero.& Astro.;Beijing 100191;China;2.Zhuzhou Aviation Powerplant Research Institute;Zhuzhou 412002;China;3.China Gas Turbine Establishment;Chengdu 610500;China)
Design and experimental validation of looped-tube thermoacoustic engine
Abdulrahman S.Abduljalil1;Zhibin Yu2 and Artur J.Jaworski2 1.University of Manchester;School of MACE;Sackville Street;Manchester M13 9PL;UK 2.University of Leicester;Department of Engineering;University Road;Leicester LE1 7RH;UK
Continuous Method Development and Numerical Study of HHV Water Gas Production by Pulverized Coal
Ren Ling;Xia Dehong and Zhang Yan Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering;School of Mechanical Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;China
Effect of Acoustic Resonance Phenomenon on Fluid Flow with Light Dust
Hiromitsu Hamakawa1;Azim B.M.Arshad2 and Mitsuo Ohta2 1.Department of Mechanical Engineering;Oita University;700 Dannoharu;Oita 870-1192;Japan 2.Graduate Student;Oita University
Convection in the Rayleigh-Bénard Flow with all Fluid Properties Variable
Athanasios Sassos1 and Asterios Pantokratoras2 1.Mechanical Engineering Department;Kavala Institute of Technology;Kavala-Greece 2.School of Engineering;Democritus University of Thrace;Xanthi-Greece
Study of Polytropic Exponent Based on High Pressure Switching Expansion Reduction
Xuanyin Wang 1;Yuxi Luo 1*;and Zhipeng Xu 1;2 1.The State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control;Zhejiang University;Zhejiang 310027;China.2.College of Metrology and Measurement Engineering;China Jiliang University;Hangzhou 310018;China
A Study on the Transport Process in Gas Diffusion Layer of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Zetao Tan;Li Jia;and Zhuqian Zhang Department of Power Engineering;Beijing Jiaotong University
Development of Preliminary Design Program for Combustor of Regenerative Cooled Liquid Rocket Engine
Won Kook Cho1;Woo Seok Seol1;Min Son2;Min Kyo Seo2 and Jaye Koo3 1.Korea Aerospace Research Institute;Daejoen;Republic of Korea 2.Graduate Student;Korea Aerospace University;Goyang;Republic of Korea 3.School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering;Korea Aerospace University;Goyang;Republic of Korea
Computational Research on Rotating Channel by a Modified Anisotropic Turbulence Model
Jianqin Zhu1;Zhi Tao 2 and Chaoqun Nie 1 1.Institute of Engineering Thermophysics;Chinese Academy of Science;Beijing 100190;China 2.National Key Lab.on Aero-Engines;School of Jet Propulsion;Beihang University;Beijing;100191;.China
Study on Adjoint-Based Optimization Method For Multi-Stage Turbomachinery
Weiwei Li2;3;Yong Tian2;3;Weilin Yi2;Lucheng Ji1;Weiwei Shao2 and Yunhan Xiao2 1.School of Aerospace Engineering;Beijing Institute of Technology;Beijing 100081;China 2.Institute of Engineering Thermophysics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100190;China 3.Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100190;China
Analysis of the Sloshing Flows of a LNG Cargo Tank
Deog Hee Doh1;Hyo Je Jo2;Byeong Rog Shin3;Min Cheol Ryu4 and Yoon Sik Hwang4 1.Division of Mechanical and Information Eng.;Korea Maritime University;Yeongdo-gu;Busan;Korea 2.Division of Naval Architecture and Ocean Systems Eng.;Korea Maritime University;Yeongdo-gu;Busan;Korea 3.Department of Mechanical Engineering;Changwon National University;9 Sarim-dong;Changwon;Korea 4.Fluid Dynamics R&D Team;DSME;Geoje-si;Korea
A Twin Unidirectional Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
Manabu Takao1;Akiyasu Takami2;Shinya Okuhara3 and Toshiaki Setoguchi4 1.Matsue College of Technology;14-4 Nishiikuma;Matsue;Shimane 690-8518;Japan 2.Matsue College of Technology;14-4 Nishiikuma;Matsue;Shimane 690-8518;Japan 3.Matsue College of Technology;14-4 Nishiikuma;Matsue;Shimane 690-8518;Japan 4.Saga University;1 Honjo;Saga;Saga 840-8502;Japan
Numerical Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer from Slot Jets Impinging on a Cylindrical Convex Surface
Zeyi JIANG 1*;Cuicui LIU 1;Xinxin ZHANG 1;Qiang MA 2 and Yusheng SUN 2 1.School of Mechanical Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing;100083;China 2.China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co;LTD;Beijing;102206;China