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Journal of Thermal Science
2011 Issue 3
Effect of Plate Position and Size for Self-Induced Flow Oscillation of Underexpanded Supersonic Jet Impinging on Perpendicular Plate
Tsuyoshi Yasunobu; Yumiko Otobe and Hideo Kashimura Department of Control & Information Systems Engineering; Kitakyushu College of Technology; Sii; Kokuraminami-ku; Kitakyushu-shi; Fukuoka; 802-0985; Japan Tsuyoshi Yasunobu:Professor
A Numerical Modeling of the Vortex-induced Vibration of Cascade in Turbomachinery using Immersed Boundary Method
Guotun Hu;Lin Du;Guohua Zhong and Xiaofeng Sun School of Jet Propulsion;Beihang University;Beijing 100191;China Xiaofeng Sun:Professor
Abrasion characteristic analyses of solid-liquid two-phase centrifugal pump
LI Yi1; ZHU Zuchao*1; HE Zhaohui2 and HE Weiqiang3 1. The Laboratory of Fluid Transmission and Application; Zhejiang Sci-Tech University; Hang Zhou; 310018; China 2. Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering co.; LTD; Hangzhou; 310002; China 3. Hangzhou Dalu Industry co.; Ltd; Hangzhou; 311234; China LI Yi:Associate Professor
Analysis of Turbulent Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Channels with Various Ribbed Internal Surfaces
Smith Eiamsa-ard* and Wayo Changcharoen Department of Mechanical Engineering; Faculty of Engineering Mahanakorn University of Technology; Bangkok 10530; Thailand Smith Eiamsa-ard:Associate Professor
Brief Information for Authors
Influence of Setting Condition on Characteristics of Savonius Hydraulic Turbine with a Shield Plate
Shouichiro Iio1;Yusuke Katayama2;Fuminori Uchiyama3;Eiichi Sato4 and Toshihiko Ikeda1 1.Faculity of Eng.;Shinshu University;4-17-1 Wakasato;Nagano;JAPAN;380-8553 2.Student of Shinshu University;4-17-1 Wakasato;Nagano;JAPAN;380-8553 3.Flowserve Niigata Worthington Co.;Ltd.;1-32 Shinbashi;Kashiwazaki;Niigata;JAPAN;945-0056 4.Faculty of Eng.;Niigata Institute of Technology;1719 Fujihashi;Kashiwazaki;Niigata;JAPAN;945-1195Shouichiro Iio:Associate Professor
Analysis and Application of Variable Conductance Heat Pipe Air Preheater
Chengming Shi; Yang Wang; Quan Liao and Ying Yang College of Power Engineering; Chongqing University; Chongqing; 400044; China Chengming Shi:Associate Professor
Unsteady Flow at Low Flow-rate Region in a Semi-open Propeller Fan (Velocity Fluctuation outside of Blade Tip)
Norimasa SHIOMI;Yoichi KINOUE;Ying-zi JIN;Pin LIU and Toshiaki SETOGUCHI Department of Mechanical Engineering;Saga University;Honjo-machi 1;Saga-shi;Saga;840-8502;Japan Norimasa SHIOMI Dr.-Eng.
In-Tube Rocket Propulsion Using Repetitive Laser Pulses
Akihiro Sasoh Department of Aerospace Engineering;Nagoya University;Furo-cho;Chikusa-ku;Nagoya 464-8603;Japan Professor
Component Exergy Analysis of Solar Powered Transcritical CO2 Rankine Cycle System
Xiaojuan Li1 and Xinrong Zhang1;2 1.Department of Energy and Resources Engineering;College of Engineering;Peking University;Beijing 100871;China 2.Department of Mechanical Engineering;Doshisha University;Kyoto 630-0321;Japan xiaojuan Li:Post-Doctoral Researcher
Combined Effect of Magnetic Field and Thermal Dispersion on a Non-Darcy Mixed Convection
M. F. El-Amin1;2 and Shuyu Sun1 1. Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory ; Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering ; King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ; Thuwal 23955-6900; Jeddah; Kingdom of Saudi Ara-bia 2. Mathematics Department; Faculty of Science; South Valley University; Aswan 81528; EGYPT M. F. El-Amin:Doctor
Study on the Wiping Gas Jet in Continuous Galvanizing Line
Yong-Hun Kweon1 and Heuy-Dong Kim2 1. POSCO Technical Research Laboratories; 699; Gumho-dong; Gwangyang; Jeonnam; 545-090 Korea 2. School of Mechanical Engineering; Andong National University; Andong; 760-749 Korea Yong-Hun;Kweon:Senior researcher
An aerodynamic design and numerical investigation of transonic centrifugal compressor stage
Weilin Yi2;Lucheng Ji1;Yong Tian2;Weiwei Shao2;Weiwei Li2 and Yunhan Xiao2 1.School of Aerospace Engineering;Beijing Institute of Technology;Beijing 100081;China 2.Research Center for Energy and Power;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100190;China Key Laboratory of Advanced Energy and Power;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100190;China Lucheng Ji:Professor
Analysis of Heat Dissipation in LED with Various Adhesives
Zi-Gui Huang* and Zheng-Yu Chen** Department of Mechanical Design Engineering; National Formosa University; Huwei; Yun-lin; Taiwan; China Zi-Gui Huang:Assistant Professor
Effects of rotor structure on performance of small size axial flow fans
Pin Liu;Yingzi Jin and Yanping Wang Laboratory of Fluid Transmission and Application;Zhejiang Sci-Tech University;Hangzhou;310018;China Yingzi Professor
Viscous Heating for Laminar Liquid Flow in Microtubes
Zhigang LIU1; Shiqiang LIANG2; Chengwu ZHANG 1 and Ning GUAN1 1. Energy Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences; Jinan 250014; China 2. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 100190; China Zhigang LIU:Assistant Professor