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Journal of Thermal Science
2010 Issue 2
experimental and numerical investigation of the flow in rotating diverging channels
r.a.van den braembussche1; j.prinsier1 and a.di sante2 1.von karman institute for fluid dynamics; turbomachinery and propulsion department waterloose steenweg; 72; 1640 sint-genesius-rode; belgium 2.presently at alstom power; steam turbines r&d brown boveri strasse 7; baden; ch5401; switzerland
effects of measuring positions on the measured aerodynamic performance of a centrifugal compressor
hongwei ma and jun zhang school of jet propulsion; beihang university; beijing; 100191; china national key laboratory of science and technology on aero-engines; beijing; 100191; china
investigation of modification design of the fan stage in axial compressor
xun zhou; peigang yan and wanjin han energy science and engineering school; harbin institute of technology; harbin; 150001; china
experimental study of the viscous pump with a helical channel rotor:torsion effect of the channel
yasutaka hayamizu1; kyoji yamamoto2; shinichiro yanase2; toru hyakutake2; shinichi morita1 and shigeru ohtsuka1 1.department of mechanical engineering; yonago national college of technology; 4448 hikona-cho; yonago-shi; tottori 683-8502; japan 2.graduate school of natural science and technology; okayama university; 3-1-1 tushimanaka; okayama-shi; okayama 700-8530; japan
the pcdd/pcdf dioxin releases in the climate of environment of jordan in the period (2000-2008)
mohammed awwad al-dabbas mechanical engineering department; mutah university; karak; jordan.
study on the thermal ignition of gasoline-air mixture in underground oil depots based on experiment and numerical simulation
ou yihong; du yang; jiang xingsheng; wang dong and liang jianjun ou yihong department of petroleum supply engineering in logistic engineering university; chongqing 401311; china du yang logistic engineering university of pla.
mixing characteristics of pulsed air-assist liquid jet into an internal subsonic cross-flow
inchul lee1; youngsu kang1 and jaye koo2 1.graduate student; korea aerospace university; goyang; republic of korea 2.school of aerospace and mechanical engineering; korea aerospace university; goyang; republic of korea
fluid dynamic modeling of a free piston engine with labyrinth seals
jaakko larjola; juha honkatukia; petri sallinen and jari backman lappeenranta university of technology; p.o.box 20; 53851 lappeenranta; finland
factors affecting small axial cooling fan performance
lihong wang; yingzi jin; baoling cui; yuzhen jin; jin lin; yanping wang and chuanyu wu college of mechanical engineering & automation; zhejiang sci-tech university; xiasha education zone; hangzhou 310018; china
experimental study on the inlet fogging system using two-fluid nozzles
abhilash suryan1; dong sun kim2 and heuy dong kim1 1.school of mechanical engineering; andong national university; korea 2.fmtrc; daejoo machinery co.; daegu; korea
boundary layer separation control on a highly-loaded,low-solidity compressor cascade
zhou yang; liu huo-xing; zou zheng-ping and ye jian national key lab.on aero-engines; aero-engines simulation research center; beijing univ.of aero.& astro.; beijing 100083
two-dimensional transient thermal analysis of a phase-change-material canister of a heat-pipe receiver under gravity
xiaohong gui1; wei qu1; bin lin2 and xiugan yuan3 1.institute of engineering thermophysics; chinese academy of sciences; beijing 100190; china 2.university of notre dame; notre dame; in 46556; usa 3.institute of man-machine-environment engineering; beihang university; beijing 100191; china
acoustic noise from tandem wind rotors of intelligent wind power unit
koichi kubo; nobuhiko mihara; akira enishi and toshiaki kanemoto kyushu institute of technology:sensui 1-1; tobata; kitakyushu; fukuoka; 804-8550 japan
modeling on heat and mass transfer in stored wheat during forced cooling ventilation
yuancheng wang; haifeng duan; hao zhang and zhaohong fang college of thermal energy engineering; shandong jianzhu university; jinan 250101; china
investigations of an air starting motor of marine medium-speed diesel engine with numerical analyses
yeon won lee1; yoon hwan choi1 and deog hee doh2 1.division of mechanical eng.; pukyong national univ.; san 100; yongdang-dong; nam-gu; busan; korea 2.division of mechanical and information eng.; dongsam-dong; yeongdo-gu; busan; korea