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Journal of Thermal Science
2010 Issue 1
performance and flow condition of small-sized axial fan and adoption of contra-rotating rotors
t.shigemitsu1; j.fukutomi1; and y.okabe2 1.institute of technology and science; the university of tokushima; 2-1 minamijyosanjima-cho; tokushima 770-8506; japan 2.graduate school of advanced technology and science; the university of tokushima; 2-1 minamijyosanjima-cho; tokushima 770-8506; japan
experimental investigation of separation and transition processes on a high-lift low-pressure turbine profile under steady and unsteady inflow at low reynolds number
satta f.1; simoni d.1; ubaldi m.1; zunino p.1 and bertini f.2 1.dimset -universit di genova; via montallegro 1; i-16145 genova; italy 2.avio r&d; v.i maggio; 99 i-10040 rivalta(to)-italy
noise reduction and surge margin improvement using tapered diffuser vane in a centrifugal compressor
takashi goto1; eri ohmoto2; yutaka ohta1; and eisuke outa1 1.department of applied mechanics and aerospace engineering; waseda university 2.graduate student; graduate school of applied mechanical engineering; waseda university
numerical investigation of a high-subsonic axial-flow compressor rotor with non-axisymmetric hub endwall
shuzhen hu1; 2; xingen lu1; hongwu zhang1; junqiang zhu1; and qiang xu3 1.laboratory of advanced energy and power technology; iet; cas; beijing 100190; china 2.graduate school; chinese academy of sciences; beijing 100190; china 3.shanghai electric power generation equipment co.; ltd
experimental study of effects of one kind of tangentially non-uniform tip clearance on the flow field at an exit of a compressor cascade passage
hongwei ma; jinghui zhang; and jun zhang school of jet propulsion; beihang university; beijing; 100191; china national key laboratory of science and technology on aero-engines; beijing; 100191; china
fractal structure reconstruction for alumina-silicate refractory fiber and simulation of the thermal conductivity
xia dehong; guo shanshan; and ren ling department of thermal engineering; university of science and technology beijing; beijing 100083; china
off-design performance of a chemical looping combustion (clc) combined cycle:effects of ambient temperature
jinling chi1; 2; bo wang1; shijie zhang1; and yunhan xiao1 1.key laboratory of advanced energy and power; chinese academy of sciences(institute of engineering thermophysics); p.o.box 2706; beijing 100190; china 2.graduate university of the chinese academy of sciences; beijing 100049; china
effect of cavities inside tube banks on acoustic resonance
hiromitsu hamakawa1; hidenobu miyagi2; and eiichi nishida3 1.department of mechanical engineering; oita university; 700 dannoharu; oita 870-1192; japan2.cyuouhatsujyou kougyou; 503 jyuuni-machi; hita; 877-8501; japan 3.department of mechanical systems engineering; shonan institute of technology; 1-1-25 tujidou nisikaigan; fujisawa; 251-8511; japan
supersonic moist air jet impingements on flat surface
alam miah md.ashraful1; matsuo shigeru2; and setoguchi toshiaki3 1.graduate school of science & engineering; saga university; 1; honjo-machi; saga-shi; saga 840-8502; japan 2.department of mechanical engineering; saga university; 1; honjo-machi; saga-shi; saga 840-8502; japan 3.institute of ocean energy; saga university; 1; honjo-machi; saga-shi; saga 840-8502; japan
unsteady pressure measurements in a high-speed centrifugal compressor
n.bulot; x.ottavy; and i.trebinjac laboratoire de m canique des fluides et d acoustique(lmfa); umr cnrs 5509 ecole centrale de lyon; ucblyon i; insa 36 av.guy de collongue; 69134 ecully cedex; france
pneumatic measurements downstream of a radial turbine nozzle cascade
martin luxa1; rudolf dvorak1; david simurda1; and jan vimmr2 1.department of fluid dynamics; institute of thermomechanics; v.v.i.; academy of science of the czech republic; prague; czech republic 2.department of mechanics; university of west bohemia in pilsen; plze ; czech republic
numerical simulation and experiment analyses for the gas-liquid two-phase vortex pump
y.li; z.c.zhu; w.q.he; y.p.wang and b.l.cui the lab of multi-phase fluid transmission technology; zhejiang sci-tech university; hangzhou 310018; china
influence of separated vortex on aerodynamic noise of an airfoil blade
soichi sasaki1; hajime takamatsu2; masao tsujino3; haruhiro tsubota3 and hidechito hayashi1 1.faculty of engineering; nagasaki university; 1-14 bunkyo-machi; nagasaki 852-8521; japan 2.graduate school of science and technology; nagasaki university; 1-14 bunkyo-machi; nagasaki 852-8521; japan 3.research division; komatsu ltd.; 1200; manda; hiratsuka-shi; kanagawa 254-8567; japan
on inherent irreversibility in a reactive hydromagnetic channel flow
o.d.makinde1 and o.anwar b g2 1.faculty of engineering; cape peninsula university of technology; p.o.box 1906; bellville 7535; south africa.2.mechanical engineering department; harmer building; sheffield hallam university; sheffield; s1 1wb england; uk.