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Journal of Thermal Science
2007 Issue 3
detonation propagation in narrow gaps with various configurations
m.monwar y.yamamoto k.ishii t.tsuboi department of mechanical engineering; yokohama national university
research of boiler combustion regulation for reducing nox emission and its effect on boiler efficiency
wang xue-dong~(1; 2) luan tao~1 cheng lin~1 xiao kun~11.shandong university; jinan 250061; 2.shandong electric research institute; jinan 250002
stability analysis of distributed parameter systems on temperature measurement of large-scale objects
zhenliang ding li zhong feng yuan department of electronic engineering; school of automatic measurement and control; harbin institute of technology; 150001; harbin; china
heat transfer with flow and phase change in an evaporator of miniature flat plate capillary pumped loop
zhongmin wan~1 wei liu~1 zhaoqing zheng~1 a.nakayama~21.college of energy and power engineering; huazhong university of science and technology; wuhan; 430074; china; email:zhongminwan @ hotmail.com2.department of mechanical engineering; shizuoka university; 3-5-1 johoku; hamamatsu; 432-8561; japan; email:tmanaka@ipc.shizuoka.ac.jp
an innovative passive tip-leakage control method for axial turbines:basic concept and performance potential
markus hamik reinhard willinger institute for thermodynamics and energy conversion; vienna university of technology; getreidemarkt 9/302; a-1060 vienna; austria
modeling of 3-d losses and deviations in a throughflow analysis tool
jean-francois simon~1 olivier l onard~21.techspace aero-aerodynamic group jsimon@techspace-aero.be2.university of li ge-turbomachinery group o.leonard@ulg.ac.be
experimental study on coal multi-generation in dual fluidized beds
fan xiaoxu~(1; 2) lu qinggang~1 na yongjie~1 liu qi~(1; 2)1.institute of engineering thermophysics; chinese academy of sciences; beijing; 100080 china2.graduate school of the chinese academy of sciences; beijing; 100080 china
slip-model performance for underexpanded micro-scale rocket nozzle flows
jos a.mori igo~(*; 1) jos hermida quesada~(**) francisco caballero requena*dept.of space programmes; **dept.of aerodynamics and propulsion national institute for aerospace technology ctra.ajalvir kin-4; torrej6n de ardoz 28850 madrid; spain
numerical investigation of kinetic energy and surface energy of wavy falling liquid film
mohammad ariful islam~1 akio miyara~2 takehiro nosoko~3 toshiaki setoguchi~21.department of mechanical engineering; khulna university of engineering & technology; khuina-9203; bangladesh2.department of mechanical engineering; saga university; 1 honjomachi; saga-shi; 840-8502; japan3.department of mechanical and system engineering; university of the ryukyus; okinawa 903-0213; japan
performance analysis of thermal energy system with linear system method
liping li chunfa zhang school of energy and power; north china electric power university; baoding 071003; china email:zht95@126.com
numerical study of thermal boundary layer on a continuous moving surface in power law fluids
hao zhang~1 xinxin zhang~1 liancun zheng~21.department of thermal engineering; university of science and technology beijing; beijing 100083; china2.department of mathematics and mechanics; university of science and technology beijing; beijing 100083; china
numerical simulation on effects of pressure distribution of wind turbine blade with a tip vane
wang jian-wen~(1; 2) jia rui-bo~3 wu ke-qi~11.school of energy & power engineering; huazhong university of science & technology; wu han; 430074; 2.school of energy & power engineering; inner mongolia university of technology; hohhot; china; 010051; 3.school of energy & environment engineering; inner mongolia university of science & technology; baotou; 014010
impeller-diffuser interaction:analysis of the unsteady flow structures based on their direction of propagation
n.bulot and i.tr binjac ecole centrale de lyon; laboratoire de m canique des fluides et d acoustique ecl/ucbl/insa/umr cnrs 5509-69134 ecully cedex; france
effect of pressure on minimum fluidization velocity
zhu zhiping~*na yongjie lu qingganginstitute of engineering thermophysics; chinese academy of sciences; beijing 100080*graduate school of the chinese academy of science; beijing 100080