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Health Education and Health Promotion

ISSN 1673-6192 
Organizer: shang hai shi jian kang jiao yu ting  
Publisher: jian kang jiao yu yu jian kang cu jin bian ji bu  
Description: Sponsored by the Shanghai Health Education Institute, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau in charge of the "Health Education and Health Promotion," Journal of the approval by the State Press and Publication Administration, the official publicly released. The predecessor of the magazine founded by Mr. Hu Jinhua, mainly for health education in the East China provinces, "Health Education Forum." Today, its public health education for the national counterparts publication provides a platform for academic exchanges, the contending the garden. We hope that the health education department of Jiangsu Province, and workers at all levels of active subscriptions to the magazine, and an active contributor to the magazine, stimulate our Academic Health Education Jiangsu air, and continuously improve our ability to work.  (Translated by machine.)