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Quality Exploration

ISSN 1672-6286 
Organizer: jiang xi sheng zhi liang ji shu jian du ju  
Publisher: zhi liang tan suo bian ji bu  
Description: "Quality explore" magazine is approved by the State Information Agency, Jiangxi Province, in charge of quality supervision system of Quality and Technical Supervision authoritative publication, magazine publication in 2007 - the "quality and brand" quality and technical supervision by the Information Center of Jiangxi Province Enterprise Vision Office of Planning, Since it began, "to protect famous brand integrity, promote science and health spending, and promote harmonious social and economic construction" for the purpose of "service people, service enterprises, social services," as the main, to the times for the lofty achievements of the brand concept dissolving the authority, knowledge, and practicality in one. The fastest speed, unique perspective, the new manifestations of timely, comprehensive, objective and in-depth outreach "Product Quality Law," "Consumer Protection Law", "Product Quality Supervision and Management Regulations", "quality of products Identification of inspection and product quality arbitration management approach "and other national and Jiangxi class reputation for quality laws and regulations, quality standards and quality promotion trust the famous commodities, introduction to the general consumer merchandise selection and identification of practical knowledge and methods.  (Translated by machine.)