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Technology Foundation of National Defence

ISSN 1671-0177 
Organizer: zhong guo bing qi gong ye biao zhun hua yan jiu suo  
Publisher: guo fang ji shu ji chu bian ji bu  
Description: "Defense Technology" dynamic information: on the collection of civilian products, mature high-tech building "Chinese people (product) technology for military resources" and held "2005 people (product) standards for high-level military technology summit," the notice 1, Call for Content: major projects involving the defense industry, weapons, equipment research and development, production and logistics construction of four major areas, covering military operations, training, scientific research needs and other major goods and mature high-tech achievements. (500 words / version; 2-4 pictures / version; information bar: 100 words or less, including company name, contact details, business scope, the basic content.) 2, the participants asked: Participants for the aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, nuclear industry, electronics and other people (military) company with other dual-use products and technologies for the legal representative, senior leadership; enterprise technology respect of senior engineers, responsible person; corporate marketing, senior director of marketing, the core leadership. Publication Description: This publication is for the weapons, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, shipbuilding and other defense industry, military industry, supporting research and management personnel; military research institutes, military representatives, national authorities and research institutes of scientific research managers; tertiary students; society of advanced technology and management knowledge of the concerned person a comprehensive technical publications, multi-level, multi-angle, large quantities of information reported domestic defense industry, weapons and equipment construction and development in information dynamics defense industrial and technological foundation results of the work, the status of defense acquisition management reform, national defense mobilization-related knowledge. (Translated by machine.)