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Ready-mixed Concrete

ISSN 0005-9846 
Organizer: ?jian zhu cai liao gong ye ji shu qing bao yan jiu suo ; zhong guo gui suan yan xue hui ke pu gong zuo wei yuan hui  
Publisher: shang pin hun ning tu bian ji bu  
Description: "Commercial Concrete," Journal of Institute of Technical Information by the Building Materials Industry, Popular Science Committee of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the National Technical Information Network sponsored commercial concrete, commercial concrete is the first professional journals. Major domestic and international commercial concrete reports of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, production management and construction applications, testing standards and performance testing, patents, technology and market dynamics, and the status and prospects of development of domestic and international forecast. Key sections include: concrete and admixture technology, mortar technology, production processes and equipment technology, construction and application of technology, readers question and answer, developments, exchange of experiences, information newsletters and so on.  (Translated by machine.)