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China Shipbuilding Industry

ISSN 1671-9360 
Organizer: zhong guo chuan bo zhong gong ji tuan gong si  
Publisher: zhong chuan zhong gong bian ji bu  
Description: ★ journal Overview: "China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry" as the only company-sponsored publications for domestic and international public offering, according to General Secretary Jiang's "Three Represents" requirements, effective implementation of the CPC Central Committee on a National Defense Technology Industry series of instructions, give full play to publications on policy research, theoretical discussions and to explore the role of reform and innovation, based on the shipping industry, and promote among the member units of the company, the company and the industries and enterprises, exchanges and cooperation between users, To promote the development of China's shipbuilding industry to contribute. ★ main forum sections: Preface feature articles News special reports special attention to shipbuilding market, Xie Ying Academy Talk about sea navigation equipment, exchange of experience Company Navy folk songs Heavy Industries Forum Highlights Global Marine fax product line Group Events (Translated by machine.)