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Literature on Campus of China

ISSN 1000-9809 
Organizer: ren min wen xue za zhi she  
Publisher: zhong guo xiao yuan wen xue bian ji bu  
Description: Literary magazines. To reflect the majority of secondary school teachers and students live, work, study, spiritual outlook, ideology and culture to improve the quality of students, teachers and students to discover and develop new in the literature. Is a face of the majority of primary and secondary students in the national literary monthly. Existing schools, "Youth" and the Primary School "Spring Buds number" two versions. Over the years, with its fresh and beautiful, increasingly heavy and elegant style of the text and respected literature, the purpose of running services on campus has won unanimous praise from all sectors of society, has now become the most influential of the campus and loved by the majority of teachers and students " Green publications. " In recent years, "Chinese Literature in the campus" in the run publication at the same time, take advantage of its rich human resources and social resources, in line with the school quality education and language education in a large positive and constructive done a lot of work, and made very good social effects. Face of China's numerous literary enthusiasts on campus, "Chinese Literature in the campus," this commitment, said: "Literature is our bond, the service on campus is our purpose, we will organize more activities on campus better and more abundant, so that our China is more prosperous Campus Literature, let us have more literary society on campus show opportunities. " (Translated by machine.)