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Journal of Computer Science and Technology

ISSN 1000-9000 
Organizer: zhong guo ji suan ji xue hui zhong guo ke xue yuan ji suan ji ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ji suan ji ke xue ji shu xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: ★ journal Overview: JCST the field of computer science and technology is the only original publication of an English academic journals, is currently the only access to the U.S. computer industry in China Retrieval System SCI journals. JCST international exchanges in this field as a window, on the one hand to demonstrate to the world the field of computer science and technology in China the highest academic standards and latest research results, on the other hand with its efforts to attract foreign high-level technicians in the Manuscripts. JCST editorial board brings together eminent scholars of international computer industry, pipeline jointly by them and grasp the latest trends in the computer world, and personally write a monograph in an effort to JCST founder of a world-class academic journals. Founded 17 years, JCST has received widespread attention in international academic circles, to be as many as 11 famous international retrieval systems. In 2003, JCST will increase the review article, these articles written by leading experts at home and abroad, to draw readers to pay close attention. ★ main forum sections: academic, communication, essay. (Translated by machine.)