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Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying
2010 Issue 1
The study of monitoring Qinghai-Tibet plateau frozen ground motion from PALSAR data
wang ping~1; ren xiaochong~2; yin hongjie~1; qin zuo~(1)(1.school of info-physics and geometries engineering; central south university; changsha 410083; china; 2.geography information system center of zhongshan; zhongshan 528400; china)
Research on shield attitude determination and accuracy based on pre and post scale method
gao junqiang~(1); wang wei~(1; 2)(1.college of civil engineering; nanjing university of technology; nanjing 210009; china; 2.department of surveying and geo-informatics; tongji university; shanghai 200092; china)
Experimental study on the treatment of dredger fills by using precipitation and dynamic consolidation
zhu yunwei~1; zhu xiangfen~2(1.shandong institute of business and technology; yantai 264005; china; 2.anqiu real estate development company; weifang 262100; china)
Application of BP neural network to the hazard assessment of debris flow based on Matlab
li xiuzhen~(1; 2); kong jiming~(1; 2); li chaofeng~(1; 2)(1.key laboratory of mountain hazards and surface processes; chinese academy of sciences; chengdu 610041; china; 2.institute of mountain hazards and environment; chinese academy of sciences; chengdu 610041; china)
The application of high-density electrical method to the collapse-surveying on the dam
li jun~1; ma xinlong~2(1.the geophysical and geochemical prospecting team in bureau of geology and mineral resources of xinjiang; changji 831100; china; 2.the fanghui hydropower surveying and designning co.; ltd; changji 831100; china)
The application integration between Image Web Server and SuperMap IS.NET
wei bo~(1; 2)(1.school of land science and technology; china university of geosciences(beijing); beijing 100083; china; 2.school of civil and architectural engineering; guilin university of technology; guilin 541004; china)
Engineering geology contour map drawing method based on discrete drilling data and GIS
zheng xianchang~1; zheng weifeng~2; jiang peng~2(1.school of civil engineering; guangzhou university; guangzhou 510006; china; 2.shenzhen investigation & research institute; shenzhen 518026; china)
Tritium detention in porous media and impact to related hydrogeology parameters test
wu dongjie; lin xueyu; wang jinsheng; teng yanguo(college of water sciences; beijing normal university; key laboratory of water and sediment sciences; ministry of education; beijing 100875; china)
Hydrochemistry material of underground hot water application in fault determination——Taking geothermal field in Liaocheng city as an example
zhang baojian~1; shen zhaoli~1; qiao zengbao~2; qi lin~3(1.the university of chinese geology; beijing 100083; china; 2.no.1 exploration institute of geology and mineral resources; jinan 250014; china; 3.china institute of water resources and hydropower research; beijing 100044; china)
Experimental study on rock anchor foundation in transmission lines
zheng weifeng; lu xianlong; cheng yongfeng; feng zixia(engineering mechanics research department; china electric power research institute; beijing 100055; china)
Analytical study on temperature variations in a confined aquifer system owing to seasonal temperature fluctuations in the recharge area
liu chao~1; li hailong~(1; 2); xia yuqiang~1; tian ye~1; geng xiaolong(1.school of environmental studies &(moe) biocenology and environmental geology lab; china university of geosciences; wuhan 430074; china; 2.department of mathematics; anshan normal university; anshan; liaoning province 114005; china)
The vacuum pre-loading model test of organic soil
feng cheng~(1; 2); wang baotian~(1; 2); li shoude~(1; 2)(1.key laboratory of ministry of education for geomechanics and embankment engineering; hohai university; nanjing 210098; china; 2.geotechnical research institute of hohai university; nanjing 210098; china)
The characteristic of distribution and engineering geological properties of swelling soil in Henan Province
li hongtao~1; tian weiwei~2; wang songjiang~1(1.henan electric power survey and design institute; zhengzhou 450007; china; 2.zhengzhou vocational college of economics and trade; zhengzhou 45000; china)
Application of extent-tech in evaluating of satellite positioning
duan bingbing; lan xiaoqi; li sen(civil engineering of hohai university; hohai university; nanjing 210098; china)
Analysis and prediction of time series for building's different settlement
zhao zhongrong; yuan shucai; zhang liqun(the civil engineering college of hohai university; nanjing 210098; china)
Test study of reinforcement collapsible loess foundation with super-energy power tamping
zhang jiwen~1; qu baijing~2; wang jun~2; wang donghong~1; liu shengjun~2(1.china jikan geotechnical institute; xi an 710043; china; 2.shanxi yanchang petroleum(group) refining & petrochemical company; yan an 727406; china)
Analysis of behavior of nailing supported wall with double-row-pile in excavation
du ye~1; wang junpeng~2; yan ping~3(1.key laboratory of mine disaster prevention and control of ministry of education; shandong university of science and technology; qingdao 266510; china; 2.qingdao technological university; qingdao 266520; china; 3.zhejiang university; hangzhou 310027; china)
The shear strength in stability analysis of subway pit in soft clay
li guangxin~1; li xuemei~2 (1.department of hydraulic engineering tsinghua university; beijing 100084; china; 2.beijing no.3 building construction co.lid; beijing 100044; china)
Study on the intelligent guided surveying system of the ultra-long jacked pipe
pan guorong~(1; 2); liu maomao~1; zhao pengfei~1; ding dongqiang~3(1.department of surveying and geomantic; tongji university; shanghai 200092; china; 2.key laboratory of modern engineering surveying; sbsm; shanghai 200092; china; 3.shanghai foundation engineering company; shanghai 200094; china)
Experimental research on dynamic properties of silts in Shanxi
wang hailong; zhang ning; zhang wei(shandong vocational water polytechnic college of resources; rizhao 276826; china)
The application of high-density electric method on prospecting geological structure in Equatorial Guinea
li guangchao~(1; 2); zhu peimin~1; ma ruolong~2; gao shuanhui~(2)(1.institute of geophysics and geomatics; china university of geosciences; wuhan 430074; china; 2.institute of geophysical prospecting; yellow river engineering consulting co.ltd.; zhengzhou 450003; china)
zhi xie
Residual analysis of DEM with different resolutions and precision evaluation model
han kuifeng; hou fei(school of geodesy and geomatics xuzhou normal university; xuzhou 221116; china)