Tribune of Political Science and Law(Journal of Ch 2002 Issue 6 From Establishing the System of Plea of Guilt for Defendants to Introducing Plea Bargaining——On the Significance of Using American System of Plea Bargaining as Reference
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Tribune of Political Science and Law(Journal of Ch
2002 Issue 6
Plea Bargaining" and Analysis of its Use for Reference
wang min-yuan
On Application Scope of Statute of Limitation
yin zhi-qiang
Appreciating Due Process,Rejecting Plea Bargaining
sun chang-yong
Modification of the Nature of Business Law
wang rui
Analysis of the Procedure Structure of Plea Bargaining
ma gui-xiang
Legal Analysis of the Risks of Deposit Account
liu dan-bing
The Theoretical Basis for Plea Bargaining
wang jian-cheng
The Arbitration System of China:Abuses and Solutions
song chao-wu
On the Establishment of the System of Summary Judgment in China
zhang wu-sheng; yang yan-yan
she hui zhu yi zheng zhi wen ming jian she xue shu yan tao hui zong shu
wang cheng dong ; lai zhong mao ; yin jian bin
Study on the Law Application of International Agency
xuan zeng-yi
Investigation Report on Chinese Citizens' Consciousness of Constitution
han da-yuan; wang de-zhong
Legal Thoughts about Safeguarding Trial from Being Interfered by Media
lin ai-jun; wei zhong-ming
Moral Damage and State Compensation Obligation
hao ming-jin